About us


Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy has been active since 2006. A consultancy organization that is focused on providing high-quality pension advice. Fully independent and fully open via a pre-agreed cost declaration.

Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy focuses on pensions, among others, on the following issues:

- analysis of pension plans
- analysis of pension products from pension providers
- pension communication
- guidance on mergers and acquisitions
- due diligence
- guidance on harmonization of employment conditions
- advice on divorce
- actuarial calculations
- giving pension courses and training

- Employee Benefits
- insurance for illness- and disability risks voor companies and self employed persons

With regard to pensions, this concerns advice in the tax, legal, actuarial and insurance-technical fields, in which the actuarial and insurance-technical aspects are the most important approach of our office. From that also follows the tax and legal guidance. Always tailored to the wishes of the client.

Most consultancy assignments are done independently and completely by us, including the actuarial advice. But in a number of situations, cooperation is sought with, for example, actuarial consultancy firms, tax specialists and pension lawyers in order to fulfill the assignment well as a team. So custom work.

In 2011, Christian de Bruijn is connected, so this two-man formation guarantees a high quality. In addition to contributing pension knowledge, Christian is very adept at processing and processing large amounts of pension data so that you can get the needen information to make important pension decisions. Since 2015 he has all the diplomas that are required to meet the AFM requirements. This makes him the second pension consultant within the organization.

Our remuneration policy:
Our company policy is aimed at ensuring that we can only serve the interests of our clients at all times. We therefore work with a fixed salary per month with holiday allowance. There are therefore no (financial) incentives that will work to the detriment of our clients. With this we conform to the Financial Supervision Act and we are in line with articles 1:117, 1:119 and 1:120 Wft.

Eric de Bruijn Pensioenconsultancy also endorses the General Data Protection Regulation. Appropriate measures have been taken, such as a Registry processing personal data, protocol reporting duty data leaks, the security of data via our service provider of cloud services and taking out cyber insurance.